Tuesday, September 26, 2023

About Classroom Daily Prayer

While schools are providing classes remotely during the isolation period, a PowerPoint presentation will be made available each week to assist in the delivery of the Morning Prayer.

The prayers will be based on the Sunday gospel reading and will follow a Gather, Listen, Respond, Go Forth format. The prayer will follow the same format each day to promote routine, a familiarity and rhythm. The gospel will be read as a story over the five days. There will be time for reflection and a prayerful response each day.

It is envisaged this resource will encourage a quiet, reverential opportunity for the class to spend time together in prayer. Parents are invited to participate. Students are encouraged to have prayer objects with them or nearby, or to set up a prayer space for the activity. Ideally, this would be discussed prior to commencement.

A guided script is provided for the teacher to lead the prayer and prompt responses. This can be found in the notes section of the PowerPoint. (Please download the presentation for full access to the notes section, which includes the script and guiding questions for students, as well as the music). It is suggested to take your time and not to rush; slow down the pace and don’t be afraid of including some silence to add to the contemplative tone.

The slides are in the order of the week, with Mondays 'RESPONSE' slide following Monday’s 'LISTEN' slide. Each day is different. Before use, rearrange the slides in order, bringing up the slides you need for the corresponding day of the week.

Good Luck and God Bless.