Friday, September 29, 2023
Sex and the Soap Opera Scenario Image

Sex and the Soap Opera

Scenario Jacqui and Rob are 20. They have known each other for three years and feel themselves to be very much in love. They have...
Logging Victoria's Forests Scenario Image

Logging Victoria’s Forests

Scenario Gerard is thirty-two years old. He lives in a cottage in a small timber town in Gippsland. Though he was born in the city,...
Mining Uranium Scenario Image

Mining Uranium

Scenario On 17 April 2003 Sir Robert Wilson of Rio Tinto signed an agreement that there would be no further mining at Jabiluka without the...
Early Life Scenario Image

Early Life

ScenarioClare has just discovered she is pregnant.She is an intelligent 17-year-old student in the final year of high school, with a particular talent and...
Distribution of Wealth Scenario Image

Distribution of Wealth

Scenario Kylie and Jason have been in a state of perpetual excitement for months with the thought of the arrival of their first child. Life...
Euthanasia Scenario Image


Finding The Facts End of Life Ethics Definitions of key terms, concerning End of Life Ethics can be examined at an American site, which aims to educate doctors and...
Sport and Disability Scenario Image

Sport and Disability

Scenario Simon is a twenty-three-year-old sufferer from epilepsy. Over the years he has progressively lost brain function as a result of repeated seizures. He completed...
Casualisation of Work Scenario Image

Casualisation of Work

Scenario David has a small factory that specialises in swatching. ‘It’s Curtains for You’ makes sets of samples of materials that are used for blinds...
Carbon Tax Scenario Image

The Carbon Tax

Scenario The Carbon Tax proposed and implemented by former PM Julia Gillard raised many issues around the much debated climate change issue. Politicians from both sides...
Honesty vs Self-Interest at Work Scenario Image

Honesty vs Self-Interest at Work

Scenario Joe O'Toole took over a small business with good staff relationships, delivering educational products and services to a satisfied clientele. During his first year in...

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