How to create a slavery-free staffroom

    Some schools have already transitioned to a slavery-free staffroom and their experiences have contributed to these suggestions.

    1. Use the materials in the kit – case studies, the poster, the Aquinas College testimonial, Catholic Social Teaching information and information on certification – to promote slavery-free tea, coffee and drinking chocolate and to raise awareness of why it is important.
    2. Consider running a tasting morning. Buy a few different brands/varieties and offer them to staff at a special morning tea or lunchtime. At the same time, create awareness of why going slavery-free is important.
    3. You might consider taking a vote/doing a survey on which tea and coffee options staff prefer.
    4. Inform people about the certification logos. Explain what they mean (see What is certification and why? and FAQ in this kit).
    5. Transitioning to slavery-free products might mean different buying practices and new sources of supply. Information about buying is included in the Sourcing Guide in this kit, but you might find others – please let us know and we will add them to the list.
    6. Discuss the new buying options with the relevant people in your school’s organisation. In smaller schools this might be the administrative staff and in larger schools it might be the accounts department.
    7. Once you have started transitioning to a slavery-free staffroom, share the good news with your school community: talk about this initiative in your school and celebrate it; put the information in your school newsletter and take photos. Encourage others in your school community – parents, parishioners and students – to make the move too. A school bulletin notice has been provided in this kit.
    8. Explore expanding the change to other areas of the school, such as the school canteen.
    9. Share this initiative with your wider community: let your local newspaper know what you are doing – they might take a photo and do a story. You will inspire others to swap to slavery-free tea, coffee and chocolate.

    And please remember to avoid using disposable cups in your staffroom!