Illustrate the Standards


To deepen staff understanding of the progression of each of the levels in the Achievement Standards.

To build a visual picture of and language for the progression.

To facilitate dialogue in teams, focused on building a shared understanding of key skills.


Where and when to use this:

This activity, works with staff at different levels of familiarity with the Achievement Standards in Religious Education.

At the heart of this activity is to use images rather than text to push the team to focus on what operating at that standard would look like and how we can tell.

This can be used, simply as a different mode for engaging with the standards, or can also be a way of developing a visual language for communicating aspects of the standards as a team and with students.

Protocol Instructions

Detailed instructions for leading this protocol with your team.

Protocol Template

Download this template for leading this protocol with your team.

Editable Slide Deck

You are welcome to use this pre-prepared slide deck supporting this protocol. Speakers notes are included.