Wednesday, October 20, 2021


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What does it mean to ‘make our staffroom slavery free’? It means to change purchasing practices and buy tea, coffee and drinking chocolate that were...

School Testimonials

  Recently students at Caroline Chisholm College in Braybrook looked into ethical purchasing and the supply chains of everyday goods that they buy. They found...

Product sourcing guides

To support you in becoming a slavery-free school, below is a list of suppliers where you can purchase delicious slavery-free-certified tea, coffee and drinking...

Fairtrade case studies

Image: Giora Dan/Fairtrade ANZ Guzman Nunez Torres and family Fairtrade Farmer Testimonial 1 – Guzman Nunez Torres Fairtrade offers you the power to change the world every...
Student with Easter Chocolate

Enjoy a slavery-free Easter

The Sweet and often Bitter truth about Easter Chocolate One indisputable truth. Chocolate is delicious. We know this because at Easter Australians spend millions of...

Sample communications

A notice for your school bulletin (which you can customise) Download the notice for your school bulletin. We are switching to slavery-free certified...

How to create a slavery-free staffroom

Some schools have already transitioned to a slavery-free staffroom and their experiences have contributed to these suggestions. Use the materials in the kit –...

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